Friday, April 27, 2007


Now you can find me on Mintd, as well as on Etsy. Take a look.
In other news I bought a sticker maker yesterday from Michaels. It's PINK, what could be better. It only makes stickers up to 1.25." I should have bought the larger one. Next time I go back I'll probably use the 40% coupon to get the bigger one. I started making stickers out of everything. I made a few promo stickers to send out with orders. If only I would start selling again. The last few days have been super quiet. I want to make some fun stickers to sell, I just can't think of any unique ideas. I started experimenting with the sticker maker last night. So far felt and glitter are a no go =[ The felt stretched apart when I pulled the sticky stuff off the back to stick it. The glitter just got everywhere, which usually happens when I use glitter.

For my final project for one of my classes this semester I have to pick a designer, I choose Gwen Stefani, write a paper about them, their style, and their influences, MAKE A CHAIR based on their design style, and interview someone who works for them/sells their licenses/etc. I bought some chair making supplies yesterday. I going to make it out of wood. My plan is actually hard to describe, so I guess you'll have to wait and see my finished product in a few weeks. Hopefully it turns out as planned.

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Mama Trep said...

Did you finish your chair?
Please post a picture if you can!
Best Wishes from Mama Trep