Monday, March 06, 2006

New Blog!

So this is the new blog I just set up to go along with Designs By Lisa. Hopefully this will evolve into some traffic and sales. I could use some sales right about now. I'm sure this is the same for some other people, but I hate how I have put alot of time and effort into this, even though I'm sure I could still be putting in more, and have gotten such a little amount of sales in return. Oh well, at least it's fun and I enjoy doing it.

Recently I have made this: I was inspired by your average, ordinary, run of the mill type boring white Chinese food containers. My new one is much more exciting, however smaller. It's made out of scrapbooking paper and sealed with decoupage to make it stronger and withstand some use. The inside is donw with a beach print. It's very spring and summer - y and perfect for holding a small gift. It can be purchased here for $6 plus shipping.

I was feeling rather crafty and made this as well:

It's a keepsake made out of an Altoid Sours Tin. I covered it with scrapbooking paper which is similar to the Spring time chinese gift box. This is perfect for saving memories and small photos in. You can collect scraps of what you did in the month of March here, so at the end of the month you have a collections of odds and ends and memories. Keep all your memories in one place. It can be bought here for only $8 plus shipping.

If you would like to join the Designs By Lisa mailing list, send me an email - - I would love to here from you.

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